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Crocheting is certainly not my specialty. If you asked me a week back what it was all about, you would have gotten a blank stare, or a lame reason like; well, it’s a similar thing as knitting except the needles have hooks at the end so it catches the yarn and loops into the opposite side. Yes , pretty lame, eh? I am sure, if I was inclined to crochet I could find some extremely simple crochet for newbies lessons out on the web somewhere. And whilst you are looking, see if you can find free crochet lessons and free crochet patterns too. My guess is, you know someone who knows a way to crochet and is ready to share that knowledge for free. That just could be a better solutions than scouring the web. If not, dive into the web – you are sure to discover help for newbies all over the place.

Ok, I did get on the internet and I did find plenty of free crochet patterns. Know what else I discovered? That crochet patterns are often hard to read for newbs like me. They have a lot of asterisks that really mean something so you can’t just look over it as if it does not mean anything. I have discovered that I am not alone when it comes to looking for patterns and help for knitting. Hey, there complete forums and blogs targeted on this stuff. There are many patterns to select from and if you are planning on a blanket or baby garments or maybe doll garments, you are sure to find just what you want.

My specialty is starting to become mittens. I love these things! My fave mittens are the ones made from the heart. You can easily download crochet patterns free. You simply have to find the right one for you. What about you? What is your fave thing to crochet? I have found some simple crochet mittens on crafting web sites and crochet sites. Typically they are free and just have to download them – those are the ones I like! Most of these sites have more than simply crochet oriented crafts – so before you leave check out their offerings – you may find some good stuff. It is a win-win for both of you. For Ma’s Day I saw plenty of crochet projects like an Afghan with sleeves or a crochet clutch purse. I adore clutch purses, so I know this would have been a good present for other mom’s too.

So, I am getting more experience as a crocheter ( is a word?) and if I’ll do it, you can do it, you can too. So, pick up those needles and hook a stitch. There are masses of free crochet patterns and other great tricks and tips just waiting online for you to uncover them.

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