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Making Beautiful Quilts Using Heirloom Sewing Techniques to Treasure For Years to Come by JoAnn Gagnon

Heirloom quilts are cherished items which could stand up for generations. If you have a good sewing machine to make a number of types of stitches, and core sewing abilities, one could sew an heirloom quilt to give as a present or use for yourself. Listed here are a number of quilting pointers from seasoned quilters.

1. Deciding on the Material.
One of the reasons for the popularity of quilting through history is that scraps of material can often be used, as long as one selects fabrics that are fitting. When one joins cloth pieces that will wear differently, the project will lose a piece of its initial beauty. As an illustration, a few pieces might shrink when they are washed and dried. That would create puckering, loose stitches and other issues.

2. Cutting the Pieces.
There are several sewing techniques that could be used for cutting the quilt pieces. Depending on the design of the quilt, cutting out the pieces might be the most time consuming part of the process.

Basic sewing techniques for cutting pieces includes the use of a good pair of sewing shears and a template. The template is simply your guide for being sure the cloth pieces are the identical shape and size. Depending on how thick the fabric is, one may be able to cut out numerous pieces at the same time, but additional layers does add to the chance of errors.

A matt board and rotary fabric cutter helps quilters to make their cuts more exact and it could also save time. The tools are not very expensive and if you think you will want to make numerous heirloom sampler quilts, a rotary fabric cutter is a good investment.

3. Ironing the Parts.
The cloth could be ironed ahead of or following cutting. When the fabric has been wrinkled, that is often the condition when scrap pieces are being used, the material needs to be ironed ahead of cutting. Ironing improves cutting accurateness and makes stitching the pieces easier. Pressing does add another step, but it is definitely well worth the time.

4. Mastering the Techniques.
There’re a number of sewing techniques that could be used for making sampler quilts. Strip piecing is a way that numerous quilters utilize. Strip piecing involves making little singular pieces to form quilt blocks.

After the blocks are constructed, they’re attached to form the top of the quilt. A fundamental design is the quarter square triangle. Four triangular pieces are stitched together to make a square. By varying the colors, one creates the design that one wants.

Special heirloom techniques as pintucks, embroidery, and lace shaping all use to demand a large amount of hand sewing. New methods now permit you to create these types of stitches on the sewing machine with amazing results.

A helpful book could help you to become skilled in diverse types of stitches to create heirloom quilts simply and fast. When you understand the basics, all the rest will come about with practice.

JoAnn is a sewing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion for sewing with all ages. Author of seven books and multiple e-books that explore many sewing applications, JoAnn seeks to encourage you on your sewing journey and instill in you a love for sewing. Visit her at http://www.bunkhousesewing.com/heirloom-sewing

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