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Aarkstore Enterprise || Latino Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Am

Latino Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Americans, 8th Edition

Published Date : 1 January 2011

Pages : 192

The 48 million Latinos in the United States now wield buying power in excess of $1 trillion and represent an increasingly important consumer segment for marketers in a post-recession economy. While overall spending by non-Hispanic consumers declined during the recession, Latino consumers as a whole spent more. Compared to other Americans, Latinos continue to exhibit more confidence about the future of the American economy and show more optimism that their own personal financial situation will improve in the days ahead.

This new Packaged Facts report provides an in-depth look at the shopping habits and spending patterns of Hispanic consumers today. It also provides a glimpse into Latino shoppers of the future. As more acculturated Latinos become an ever-larger share of the population, marketers may need to address the potential for a significant change in the profile of the Latino consumer. This Packaged Facts report provides important insights into the way acculturation may affect the shopping behavior and buying decisions of Latinos in the years to come.

The report begins by identifying trends shaping the Hispanic market and highlights opportunities created by the spending patterns of Latino consumers. The next chapters in the report assess the size and growth of Hispanic buying power through 2015, provide a demographic profile of Latinos and analyze trends in immigration and acculturation within the Hispanic population. The report continues with an analysis of the financial status of Latino consumers and overviews of their shopping and spending patterns. The next chapters of the report provide in-depth analyses of the spending habits of Latino shoppers in the areas of home furnishings and home electronics and fashion. The report concludes with a chapter on Latino shopping and spending patterns in supermarkets.

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