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What to Do with Used Baby Clothing?

Most babies outgrow 0-3 months sized clothing in a few weeks. This results in clothes being hardly worn and in some cases never worn at all. Difficult as it is to get rid of your little ones’ things you should consider the following ways in order to put them to good use.

Not everyone will have the luxury of going out to buy new outfits for their bay. So it is a good idea not to simply put the used clothing out with your weekly garbage collection.

Refuge Centers/ Neo Natal Units – Donating your baby clothes to either a refuse center or hospital unit gives you the joy in knowing the clothes are being put to good use. When our own baby was in the Neo Natal unit for a few weeks, he got good use from some of the clothes available there. We eventually brought our own items to the unit but it was good that there was some there for him to use. These clothes had been donated by other families.

Planning to have a large family?

Many mothers keep their baby clothes in case they decide to have more children. As most parents know having a family is costly so try to save money wherever you can. It is also nice to see those special outfits on your other children. Pre-wash old baby clothes before using.

Create a Baby Memory Quilt – Keeping material from old baby clothes and making a patchwork quilt is a fantastic way of creating a sentimental memento of your baby. This can then be added to with other material as your baby grows.

Outfits for a Stuffed Toy – Using Baby Outfits to dress some of your childs’ stuffed toys is another fabulous way of recycling those old baby clothes. Even making stuffed animals from your little ones outgrown t-shirts and cardigans is another way to capture those find memories and again puts the clothes to good use.

Letting go of your babies clothes can be difficult for some parents. Little outfits can resurrect so many wonderful memories. So if giving those treasured clothes away is just too much then dig out the needle and thread and create a precious memento of your baby to keep for your grandchildren.

If you do decide to give your clothing items away, you can rest in the knowledge that some unfortunate family will be putting them to good use.

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