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Fabric shops for me are more than just places where material is stocked. I find them enchanting and fascinating places.

It goes back to when I was a child. My mum used to make us all home-made clothes during the 1970’s and when homespun garments, knitting and sewing were all the rage. She also used to make her own soft furnishings and curtains for the home. So we would make regular trips with her to favourite fabric shops in department stores, and in smaller fabric shops.

I became used to looking at fabrics, deciding which one I wanted for my own particular dress, skirt or trousers my mum was going to make for me, and being around fabric when I was growing up. Because I spent so much time around material and rolls of fabric, I must have absorbed a lot of information and knowledge without realising it. I soon picked up how to mix and match fabrics, decide on the weight of a certain fabric and if it was suitable and get a feel of design and patterns through material. So whenever I enter fabric shops today, I still get that buzz of excitement because it is so familiar to me and it fills me with an immense feeling of comfort and enthusiasm.

There are still many fabric shops around today, sewing hasn’t really gone out of fashion, although with the influx of cheaper high-street fashion shops and the cost of clothing decreasing considerably, sewing clothes may seem pointless to some people. But creating and sewing curtains and soft-furnishings are still really popular, because these can be quite expensive to buy, so there are still many specialist curtain fabric shops that you can visit to choose from a huge selection of fabrics.

Shops will also have knowledgeable and expert staff that you can discuss your curtain and soft-furnishing needs with.

It can be easy to get confused about which designs of curtains or blinds need which amount of fabric. If you need help and advice on what kinds of fabric would be suitable for a particular curtain, or how much fabric you need depending on the size and type of the curtain or blind, fabric shops always have expert staff on hand to help.

Fabric shops will always have a range of different colours and shades to choose from so if you are looking for a certain shade or tone of colour, a specialist shop is sure to have a variety of different colours and shades to choose from.

It’s always good to support your local material store, whether it be a shop or at a local market. They have stacks of rolls of fabric just waiting to be looked at and examined.

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