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Quilt Shop Quality Tops Chain Fabric Stores

The difference between the quality of the quilting fabric sold by genuine quilt stores

and online quilt shops verses the quilting fabric being offered at sewing, craft and

fabric chain storefronts is about quality, pure and simple!

Sure, chain retailers have the ability to provide a vast assortment of quilting fabrics

and other craft and sewing items at lower prices and in mass quantities. This is because

they have the funding to buy mass-produced quilting material manufactured in countries

like China, where labor is cheap and cost and profit margins are more favorable for the


But if you consider the history and meaning of quilting as an art form and you stack that

up against a philosophy of mass-production and organized labor in what many may call

less-than-favorable conditions for workers, the two concepts simply do not complement one


But what is more important for serious quilters to recognize is that these chain fabric

and craft stores are offering quilting fabric that is simply inferior to the fabrics

offered by quilting stores. To get a cheaper quilting product on the market you have to

cut corners, and the way they do this in China is to offer quilting cottons with a much

lower thread count. They also are using inferior dyes in the manufacturing of the

quilting fabrics which combined with lower thread counts, results in a quilting fabric

with a looser weave.

When you use quilting fabric with a looser weave the quilt doesn’t hold it shape and the

cotton begins to break down sooner. Additionally, the inferior dyes results in fading

after just a few short years. Imagine all the hard work and care you invested in your

quilt to find it unraveling and fading in such a short period of time. This is not what

quilting is about! In fact, quilts are supposed to withstand time: they have, for

centuries, been given as heirlooms and family treasures, handed down from one generation

to the next.

For the best woven cottons, quilting stores both online and off look to South Korea,

Japan and India, where fabrics and dyes are highly coveted and the market for their

cottons has a long history as a cherished international trade luxury. Great Britain and

the Netherlands vied for the coveted fabrics of India, as well as their spices of course,

and wars were waged over control over this precious export to show how much value Indian

fabrics were given on the open markets back home.

Yes, we all want convenience and we certainly all want to find ways to save time and

money. This is why chain fabric stores have become so popular. But when you consider

the time involved in making genuine heirloom-quality quilts and what the connection

between that quilt and the owner will be over time, it’s easy to see the additional money

spent in purchasing the best cotton available with the most sustaining dyes is worth

every penny!

But aside from the emotional or cultural connections we make to the quilts of our family

and those we make and give to friends as birthday gifts, wedding presents, baby shower

gifts and more, there is the practical issue of paying perhaps a little more for higher

quality quilting fabric and knowing your quilt will look and feel more genuine, will last

for many years and give the receiver of the quilt a long time to cherish it. Keep in mind

that the products you use in making a quilt are just like a recipe. If you want the best

results, start with the very best ingredients!

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