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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Knitting and quilting has gotten hold of the younger new generation. Every gender, race and background is starting knitting. If you go to a fabric store in LA you can find actresses like Courtney Cox or Molly Sims buying fabric by the yard to make holiday gifts for their friends. Besides, hasn’t everyone been told that it is the thought that goes into a gift that counts?

Sales in the quilting fabric industry are up. The sales of material have increased a bunch. Perhaps quilting has a relaxing effect on the people who do it often, like yoga does. Experts say that quilting and knitting have the same outcomes on the spirit, as far as relaxation, as does yoga. It gives your hands something to do while your brain can rest or think about tomorrow’s errands.

Back in the old days, quilting fabric was sold to mostly grandmothers or old spinsters who had nothing else to do. Back then ladies would sit around in clusters knitting and quilting fabric by the yard in order to make salable merchandise. The alternative reason for this was to show that women could be ample providers as mothers and wives.

With the latest trend in knitting and quilting it looks that the only major downside is the price of fabric going up. It is obvious that fabric by the yard has increased considerably even though you may get a few good finds at corner stores.

If you want to give it a go and begin a new hobby, check out your local community college. There are lots of classes you can enroll in to give yourself a basic introduction to the world of fabric quilting. Give it a go if you are good with your fingers and have an honest longing to understand yarn. But keep in mind that it can be difficult for the most intelligent of humans.

Once you get down the simplistic steps to knitting you can figure out what to create for your special honey. No matter what the end piece may look like, your family and friends will appreciate the idea of the gift and the fact it is one of a kind.

You should always start with something basic and simple and then once you have mastered that, you can go up to the next thing. There are endless websites and books to get you going. Or go to your local fabric store; you never know who you might bump into. But remember to have fun and take pleasure in whatever shade of red wonder your sweaters become. Ah, the delights of embarrassing family Christmas cards.

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