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If you think that famous magazines invite only the hottest women posing for their front page to attract attention of more viewers, it may not be correct. Actually, many prestigious magazines like GQ, Vogue, Vman, Rolling Stone, New York, Details and Vanity Fair often choose perfect-figured men to appear on the cover. This year, people have seen some attractive images of male celebrities showing off muscular body on magazines.


Taylor Lautner, Tiger Woods, Stephen Dorff, John Mayer, Rafael Nadal, Matthew Morrison, Levi Johnston, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesus Luz are among the sexiest shirtless men in 2010.


Tiger Woods showed off his sexy body in Vanity Fair. This image reflects what Tiger would look like in jail

Stephen Dorff also sported his perfect figure in VMAN

Matthew Morrison, a famous actor, singer cum dancer, decided to make appearance in Details

Rafael Nadal, the world No. 1 professional tennis player, was self-confident to appear on the New York’s front page


John Mayer appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone. The handsome man used to be criticized when saying that he had slept with three women within a week


Taylor Lautner previously made millions of female fans crazy when he appeared shirtless in the first part of “Twilight Saga”, so GQ magazine invited him to pose for its front page

Levi Johnston looked quite perfect when he was shirtless in GQ


Leonardo DiCaprio looked older than his age but was still sexy


Jesus Luz was in Interview. He can’t see us but we can see him


Three men of “The Jersey Shore” appeared in the Village Voice




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