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If you are considering a wrought iron fence for your yard, there are a number of important points to take into account before making a decision. Be sure to investigate the quality of the fence, construction quality, and company guarantees before you make a final decision. Not all fence materials are created equal, so first make sure you choose high quality fencing that will last longer and provide years of service. No other type of fencing combines customized options, beauty, strength, and quality like wrought iron fencing.
While they are still referred to as “wrought iron” fences, these types of fences are rarely made out of wrought iron today. Instead, they are often made out of steel with a wrought iron design, which is more affordable. The grade of metal makes a big difference in the lifetime of the fence. Most wrought iron fences look identical when new, but within a few years the level of quality will begin to show.
Low quality fences will begin to rust within just a few years. Typically these fences are made with low quality steel and are only galvanized on one side, leaving the other side (typically the inside) vulnerable to rusting. When shopping for a fence, be sure to choose a design that includes galvanized steel on all sides of the fence in order to improve the quality. Galvanization is an optional treatment worth the cost. In addition look for a high zinc rating, as this is a sign of better quality metal. You may be unsure of whether steel fencing will complement your homes design; however, there are options other than metallic gray. Powder coating or electro statically painting your fencing opens up a variety of color choices to best match your property and design aesthetic.
Construction quality of the fence is another important consideration.

Just as you would not choose a car based on price alone, it is important to choose a company based on a number of factors, not price alone. Take into consideration references, experience, and written guarantees. For your own protection take the time to speak to existing customers and also take the time to view the potential contractors work. Ask about the company’s construction standard details (it is a red flag if they have few or none). A company with detailed plans and an organized crew is more likely to deliver a quality product that you can depend on for years to come.
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When searching for the right fence for your fencing project, be sure to choose one that can withstand the test of time. DCS Industries has begun a tradition of manufacturing and installing high quality fencing across the valley. To learn more about DCS Industries, fencing quality, and choosing high grade products for your new fence visit www.dcs-ind.com!

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